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In My 3+ Years of involvement, I can say one thing, there comes a phase in a trader's life where he runs over this inquiry. "How might I improve my trading?" Thus, how about we initially comprehend why a trader comes at this stage. Specific focuses I could feature here, like - 1. Confronting losses in trading consistently. 2. Taking random trades, not having a legitimate trading system. 3. Not keeping up with any trade records/diaries. 4. No/Poor Risk management. 5. Trading emotionally. 6. Overtrading. 7. Considering, one can bring in pain-free income by betting.  8. Not think about trading as a genuine profession. 9. Lack of information. 10. Absence of experience/not seen many market cycles, etc. I accept that most individuals perusing this blog have encountered this in their trading venture. Along these lines, let me share my perspectives regarding this matter. Figuring Out The Basics - Look at yourself, where you stand, and at what level you are. Is it true or not that
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